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Job Description

Project Title
Consultant Request for Mental Health and Psychosocial Training and Support

SOS Children Villages Zimbabwe was established in 1983 to provide direct care to children who have lost parental care and those at risk of losing it . The association operates in 3 programmes locations: Harare, Bulawayo and Bindura. The main intervention areas are alternative care, family strengthening, schools, kindergartens and a farm.

Build MA capacity on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support and improveve the wellbeing of our team members, and ensure they feel supported in what is an extremely challenging working environment of today.

Duties and Responsibilities

Scope of the Work

SOS Children’s Villages’ Zimbabwe (SOSCVZ) seeks to engage a consultant/organization to assess the current status of MA on MHPSS and facilitate training on mental health and Psychosocial Support to address the gaps in MHPSS. The organisation has limited MH and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) services offered in the workplace.

The scope of work will include;

▪ An assessment of the current Mental Health and Psychosocial support status of the organisation.
▪ Build employees basic skills to detect Mental Health and offer MHPSS.
▪ Facilitate the organization to improve and increase access to MHPSS services in the workplace through closing the gaps.
▪ Strengthen all coworkers understanding on MHPSS.
Training Content

The capacity building content will cover the following topics :
1. Burn out Management
• Impact of burn out on staff and how to manage it.
• How to ensure productive workforce through work life balance.
2. Stress
• Stress management
• Chronic stress
• Mental health
• Physical health
3. Mental Health and Psychosocial Support
• The importance of staff to continue looking after their physical and mental health
• What is good health
• Ensure staff have psychological mental well being
• Common mental health symptoms
• Identifying signs of mental health issues
• Mental health in the workplace. How to provide the care.
• Mental Illnesses.
• How to reduce the symptoms of Depression and Anxiety
4. Physical wellness
• Advise and Guide staff on Nutrition and exercise
• How crucial is Resting and sleeping to staff health.

5. What mental MH and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) services should cover for an organisation like SOS Children’s Villages Zimbabwe?
• Report to include among: The Organisation assessment on MHPSS
• A MHPSS training package – to support selected team members to train others.
• Recommendations and feedback shared to help improve our programming and Staff MHPSS support.

Qualifications and Experience

Eligible consultant/organizations must have

▪ A minimum of a Master’s degree related to the task (e.g. Psychology, mental health specialist – psychiatrist, clinical psychologist. PhD an added advantage.
▪ Skills or competences in 8+ years of experience in mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS);
▪ Demonstrated experience or other references of similar consultancy assignments and in depth knowledge of MHPSS.
▪ Experienced trainer
▪ Strong experience in facilitation and capacity building in MHPSS required, specifically for mental health and psychosocial support Interventions.
▪ Demonstrable technical expertise in the assessment of and design and delivery of responses to MHPSS needs.
▪ Strong interpersonal, communication and facilitation skills.
Interested consultants/firms should submit their applications by 28 September 2022, consisting of:

i) An application/cover letter with indication of applicant’s ability. The cover letter should not be longer than two pages
ii) A technical proposal for the assessment (methodology, proposed plan & facilitation tools)
iii) A financial proposal with Service Fee including Copies of licenses (professional and business licenses) c. Copies of tax registration (PIN, VAT registration number and Tax Compliance Certificate)
iv) Contact or references of 4 organizations that have recently engaged the consultant(s)/organization to carry out a similar assignment.

How to Apply

The applications should be clearly titled

“Consultant Request for Mental Health and Psychosocial Training and Support”

and addressed to the under listed to be received on or before 5.00 pm on 6 October 2022

Completed proposals and any technical questions should be emailed to