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Security Guard/ motorbike rider

Security Jobs
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Job Description

To guard premises: At wholesale and retail sites
To write reports and communicate effectively
To follow instructions
To observe and analyze
To ride a motorbike

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities
To act quickly and to be on alert constantly in order not to be caught off guard.
●To effectively respond to any kind of dangerous situations.
●To observe everything going on in the area to ensure that there is nothing brewing and to prevent problems.
●The incumbent should report the details of the incident to his supervisor after a crisis occurs, to prevent a recurrence.
●To follow policies established by the employer and monitor things to ensure that all rules are being followed.
●To ensure safety of property and people and constantly monitoring the premise.
●In addition to all the other responsibilities the incumbent will be called upon to advise employers of security and safety precautions that should be taken.

Qualifications and Experience

Qualifications And Experience
Security certificate from a reputable training institute.
Clean Class 3 license (3 years experience and above)
Good Public relations
Customer care
Physical fitness
3 years experience in manning at wholesale and retail
Age range 25- 45 years

How to Apply

send your cv to