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Experienced Security Guards

Security Jobs
TBD- Competitive

Job Description

We are seeking an experienced Security Guard to join our team and safeguard our facilities in Harare. The ideal candidate will be responsible for maintaining a secure environment by monitoring surveillance equipment, inspecting buildings and equipment, and controlling access to the premises.

Duties and Responsibilities

* Monitor surveillance equipment and conduct regular patrols to ensure the security of the premises.
* Respond promptly to alarms or incidents and investigate disturbances.
* Conduct thorough inspections of buildings, equipment, and access points.
* Enforce company security policies and procedures to prevent unauthorized access or activities.
* Maintain accurate records of security-related incidents and activities.
Provide assistance and support to employees and visitors as needed.
* Collaborate with local law enforcement agencies when necessary

Qualifications and Experience

* Proven experience as a security guard, preferably in an industrial or automotive setting.
* Strong knowledge of security operations and procedures.
* Excellent observation and communication skills.
* Ability to handle emergency situations calmly and effectively.
* Physical fitness and ability to stand, walk, and patrol for extended periods.
* Must be willing to work rotating shifts, including nights, weekends, and holidays.

How to Apply

Please send your CVs to mufutelf@gmail.com