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Treasury Dealer

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  • Expires 23 Nov 2023
  • Harare
  • Full Time

Job Description

The position exists to facilitate and manage the treasury portfolio that includes bank’s assets and liabilities in a cost-efficient manner that contributes to generation of income in line with set targets for the department and bank.

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities
Business development
1. Understand and research on the market to appreciate the investors and their respective needs so as to provide the requisite solutions and terms.
2. Engage with the respective investors to sell the bank’s products and service as a means of growing business.
3. Assist with identification and execution of transaction or deals by agreeing to the terms and condition and ensure approval to engage the client thus increasing business
4. Advice client on money market issues by analyzing client’s assets and liabilities profiles as a basis for formulating advice.
Money market securities trading
1. Identify potential opportunities in trading money market securities, leveraging on relationships with existing and potential clients.
2. Track and analyze developments in the money market through a network of contacts and relationships to keep abreast of the trends and potential opportunities for the bank’s money market activities.
3. Contribute towards tracking the bank’s liquidity requirements, changes to the cost of funds and pricing of products and services offered by the bank to ensure such products and services are profitable to the bank.
4. Contribute to the effective management of the bank’s liquidity, raise deposits from existing and prospective clients on terms and conditions favourable to the bank.
Liquidity management
1. Engage with all departmental heads to track their respective liquidity requirements in relation to the bank’s assets and liabilities using the approved budget, maturity profile, trend and market analysis or informatics.
2. Ensure that the micro bank’s local accounts are adequately funded relative to current and upcoming maturities or settlements profile.
3. Ensure that no funds or deposits are idle at all material times by placing/investing the amount excess to requirements by the bank in the prescribed format or procedure.
Cost control
1. Planning treasury activities in a cost-effective manner to minimize treasury expenses in line with budgetary restrictions.
2. Manage portfolio cost to income ratio to achieve sustainability of the business.
3. Managing personal leave plan to ensure compliance with HR policy and reduce burden on finances.
4. Maintain a high level of technical competency in structuring investments/placements to sustain profitability and minimize loss.
Client Interactions
1. Engage clients in order to facilitate and enhance trade in money market instruments.
2. Entertain clients and maintain positive relationships that will provide repeat business.
3. Attend to queries and inquiries in a professional manner and ensure customers are satisfied.
3.2.2. Quality customer service
1. The incumbent will ensure all requisite information (KYC documentation) for onboarding or executing transaction is provided, accurate, and availed to operations to process requirements.
2. Receive and attend to customer queries via email, phone or in person and ensure customers are provided with requisite information.
3. Escalate queries not solved before end of day to the supervisor for actioning hence improved service delivery.
4. Adhere to the customer service charter as to provide satisfactory customer service.
Money market deals processing
1. Accurate capturing of deals in the digital system for accuracy and future reference.
2. Forward timeously deals to treasury back office for confirmation and settlement.
3. Monitor counter parties exposure and ensure that counter party limits are adhered to.
4. Prepare ALCO, EXCO and Board ALCO reports to facilitate management to make informed decision.
5. Prepare reports such as DPC and RBZ monthly and quarterly returns.
6. Source and compute foreign exchange (FX) rates for use by the whole institution.
7. Continuously liaise with user departments on applicability of FX rates to ensure accuracy.
8. Check the functionality of the system to allow for accurate input and processing of such required information.
1. Avail all documentation to enable treasury back office/operations to reconcile transactions ledgers accurately.
2. Assist treasury back officer/operations with information captured during origination of transactions to confirm that the database on the system about specific transactions is correct and representative of the proposed transaction.
3. Attending to auditors’ queries and providing requested requirements and information
Procedure manual and set counterparty and dealer limits (adherence)
1. Understand and sign to the procedure manual as a way of noting full understanding of the expected procedures.
2. Always ensure adherence to counterparty and dealer limits and the procedure manual.
3. Review and recommend limits that are applicable to clients and dealers including product.
4. Recommend for review any changes to the manuals so as to provide best practice approach at any given period.
5. Ensure all previous issues raised by internal audit are resolved to improve on internal controls and standards.
Service level agreements
1. Understand all the requisite service level agreements (SLAs) as the minimum acceptable way of performing.
2. Sign to the service level agreements to show understanding and commitment to obligations arising thereof.
3. Adhere to set deadlines in service level agreements in the department to ensure operational efficiencies.
4. Recommend for review any changes to the SLAs so as to provide best practice approach at any given period
Training and performance assessment
1. Attend all work-related training, workshops, and seminars so as to improve on performance.
2. Attend all organizational meetings for updates and sharing of strategies in all areas of the business.
3. Identify relevant work-related literature and reading for personal development that will improve business performance.
4. Develop/deepen skills in the following areas to improve performance:
a. Client Relationship Management
b. Liquidity risk Management
c. Portfolio Management
d. Fixed and Securities Management
e. Foreign currency trading
5. Being a good team player by cooperating, participating with other team members so as to achieve organizational targets.
6. Acquiring of product knowledge to better serve clients.
7. Adhere and achieve all agreed performance targets.

Qualifications and Experience

Qualifications and Experience
1. Minimum qualification is a graduate degree from a recognised university in Banking & Finance, Business Studies, Accounting, Economics, Artcurial Science or higher professional qualification.
2. At least 4 years in banking and finance, of which 2 should have been in treasury front office as a dealer, asset management as investment and portfolio/fund officer/manager or investment analyst.
3. An appreciation of the dealing room environment with good knowledge of other bank products and services.
4. Show effective/exceptional sales and marketing orientation and relationship management skills.
5. Strong organisational, computational and communication (verbal and written) skills.

How to Apply

How to Apply
Candidates who meet the above qualifications and experience can apply using the form below by the 7th of August 2023: