Terms of Reference : 2024 SASI DEBATE RAPPORTEUR

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Job Description

Terms of Reference

Student and Youth Working on Reproductive Health Action Team (SAYWHAT) is a membership-based public health social movement organization birthed in 2003 with the express ambition to contribute to the existence of healthy and empowered young people. It draws its membership from tertiary institutions in Zimbabwe and the SADC region. It also organizes and mobilizes students and young people to participate in the promotion of global, regional, and national targets and goals for sustainable development.
SAYWHAT provides platforms for students and youths to discuss public health challenges including sexual and reproductive health and contribute to the development of solutions to the challenges. One of the platforms is the Speak and Solve Initiative SASI debate. The inaugural edition of the SAYWHAT SASI Debate competition was launched in 2018 and this year, the competition is in its 7th Edition. The 2024 competition will take place at the SAYWHAT Studio of Choice located at 24 Jefferson, Logan Park Hatfield Harare on the 30th and 31st of May from 8am – 5pm. The debate model is tailor-made to sharpen student’s and young people’s advocacy skills by focusing on providing policy and programmatic recommendations to emerging health and education challenges.
The 2024 SASI debate will run under the theme “Opposing views, Same goal: Unleashing innovative solutions for sustainable development”.
▪ To analyze students and youth cognitive abilities in retrieving information of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development and its related frameworks.
▪ To facilitate transferring of accurate information on national, regional, and international public health frameworks.
▪ To foster critical thinking that results in the development of innovative solutions that address emerging health and education challenges being faced by young people at national level.
SAYWHAT is therefore seeking a consultant who will provide rapporteur services for the 2-day debate challenge.
The purpose of this assignment is for the consultant to fully participate in the SASI Debate competition and produce a comprehensive, good-quality report according to the provided template. It should detail the peculiarity of this model in relation to meeting its objectives as stated in 2 above. Furthermore, the document should present the Debate competition as one of the most suitable models encompassing the engagement and participation of young people in resolving Education and Public Health issues affecting them. Lastly, the report should serve as a marketing and fundraising tool for similar interventions in the future.

Duties and Responsibilities

The consultant shall work within a broad spectrum covering the following aspects:
▪ To meet physically/virtually with the SAYWHAT Communications and Advocacy 1 week before the event to deliberate on the assignment and share relevant information and templates.
▪ Gather data in the preferred format (e.g. handwritten notes, typed notes, recorded notes) of the proceedings of the Debate competition.
▪ Prepare and submit the first draft report detailing the Debate competition as guided in the “Purpose of Assignment” 1 week post the debate competition. SAYWHAT will have 1 week to review the draft and revert.
▪ Following feedback from the SAYWHAT team, review and share the final report in the agreed format within 1 week as well.

The Consultant is expected to employ both qualitative and quantitative methods in collecting data for the SASI Debate competition report which may include document analysis, interviews, and observation.
Payment %
Task : Briefing on the task
Deliverable : Minutes of the briefing
Deadline : 23 May 2024
Task: Data gathering
Deliverable: Preferred format
Deadline: 30-31 May 2024
Task: Submit first Draft Report
Deliverable: Report
Deadline: 7 June 2024
Task: Submit final report
Deliverable: Report
Deadline:21 June 2024
Payment % : 100%

Qualifications and Experience

The available budget for the task is US$200.
Skills and Knowledge
▪ Bachelor’s degree in English/Communications/Marketing
▪ Experience with or knowledge of key concepts of education, public health including Sexual and Reproductive health issues.
▪ Proven skill in establishing priorities, working independently with minimal supervision, and ability to meet deadlines.
▪ Proven experience with at least two (2) referees and sample reports previously produced.
▪ Ability to gather data, compile information and compile reports.
▪ Excellent oral and written English.
▪ Copy of CV with at least two (2) referees.
▪ Quotation for the service.
▪ Two (2) sample reports previously produced of similar nature.
▪ Cover Letter demonstrating the ability to execute this task and the methodologies to be employed.
▪ The Consultant will report to SAYWHAT Communications and Advocacy Lead.
▪ The Consultant will be responsible for their own overheads and logistical requirements such as transport, office space, administrative and secretarial support, telecommunications, and printing of documentation.
▪ All deliverables will be prepared in English.

How to Apply

Interested candidates may express their interest by emailing to referencing “RAPPORTEUR – 2024 DEBATE” by the 7th of May 2024. Please Note: Once appointed, the consultant is expected to fulfill research ethics that include confidentiality, consent, doing no harm, and reading and signing the SAYWHAT safeguarding policy.