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Job Description

1. Introduction
FHI360 is seeking to engage a creative agency or individual with video production capacity to provide video/documentary production services for the Mhuri/Imuli Project. That program was implemented for 5 years in Manicaland Province FHI360 is an international organisation that works through partnering with governments, the private sector and civil society to bring about positive social change and to provide lifesaving health care, quality education and opportunities for meaningful economic participation in more than 60 countries across the globe, including Zimbabwe. We do this by using research and evidence to design and deliver innovative programs that change behaviors, increase access to services and improve lives.

Duties and Responsibilities

About the Mhuri/Imuli Project
Mhuri/Imuli is a five-year project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The project aims to improve maternal, new-born, child health and family
planning (MNCH-FP) outcomes in Zimbabwe. The project team works closely with the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MOHCC) and the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC). The project name is made up of Zimbabwean vernacular words “Mhuri/Imuli” meaning “family,” reflecting the project’s aspiration to advance comprehensive family health. FHI 360 is the prime partner and Family AIDS Caring Trust (FACT) is a sub partner responsible for increasing use of MNCH-FP services, targeting hardto-reach populations as well as strengthening community systems and linkages for integrated MNCH-FP services.
The project objectives are:
• To improve demand for and the availability of quality MNCH-FP services in Manicaland Province and to increase access to a broad range of quality family planning services
nationwide through outreach services.
• To increase the use of MNCH-FP services, targeting hard-to-reach populations.
• To strengthen community systems and linkages for integrated MNCH-FP services.
• To improve the MOHCC’s and ZNFPC’s capacity for MNCH-FP policy implementation.
3. Statement of Purpose and scope
FHI360 is seeking proposals for the production of 6 Videos designed to highlight the program processes and methodologies, successes and lessons from its program called Mhuri/Imuli. The organization intends to produce a lengthy version of the documentary (maximum 10 minutes) and 5 shorter videos told from an “i-story” perspective (2 minutes). These will cover the key successes of each of the strategic pillars of the project. That is
▪ Family Planning Intervention - 2 minutes
▪ MNCH intervention - 2 minutes
▪ Community Work - 2 minutes
▪ Malaria Response – 2 minutes
▪ COVID-19 Response – 2 minutes
The lengthy version of the documentary (maximum 10 minutes) will present key highlights from all the project thematic areas, allowing project stakeholders, largely beneficiaries to share their perspective on how the project impacted their lives
▪ Videographer is expected to produce scripts or story board to be reviewed and approved by USAID and FHI360 before shooting.
▪ Videographer to submit versions of videos that can be shared via YouTube, and versions that can be shared via WhatsApp for broader circulation.
FHI360 requires use of modern high-definition cameras with high quality footage that can meet organizational and international standards. The use of drones for aerial footage shall be required. High quality photos shall be shot and submitted to FHI360 together with the video files Commentary and reflections will need to be collected from the government
departments, FHI360 staff, community members, children and their parents/guardians, traditional leaders and other relevant stakeholders at community and national level (for the longer version of the video)

Qualifications and Experience

Relevant experience
▪ List each person (aka key personnel) who will be performing work described in the statement of purpose under this RFP. Please include title, email address, and phone number for each
▪ Please provide a resume/Curriculum Vitae and biographical data sheet for each person that will perform work
▪ Please describe similar work experience of the consultant/ firm that will perform work described in this RFP. Include examples (including URL) of past projects completed
▪ Please provide three references for work performed by the key personnel similar to the work described in this RFP, include company, contact name, email address, phone number, and role key personnel member performed.

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