Renal Nurse/ICN Nurse Hararex 3 Bulawayo x 2

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Job Description

• Performs thorough physical examination of the patients.
• Monitors and records patients’ vitals before, during, and after dialysis treatment.
• Collects and Evaluates patient’s lab results and intervene appropriately.
• Ensures that hemodialysis dialysis treatment is administered to patients correctly.
• Monitors patients during dialysis treatment to identify any adverse reactions.
• Prepares and updates nursing care plans.
• Promptly notifying the appropriate medical practitioner of any problems that occur during dialysis treatments.
• Collaborates and works with other health professionals on the patient management
• Collaborates with the dialysis technicians to ensure that dialysis machines and equipment are set up correctly.
• Refers patients to the physician specialists whenever necessary.
• Educates patients on dialysis treatment options, kidney disease management, as well as suitable nutrition and exercise regimens.

Duties and Responsibilities

· Oversees the preparation of the delivery system, dialysate bath, and dialyzer and confirms that all mandatory alarm tests on the dialyzer and equipment are performed.

· Reviews physician orders for dialysis patients, collects pre-treatment dialysis data, and reviews patient records prior to dialysis.

· Conducts pre-dialysis patient assessment including obtaining patient vital signs and assessing the patient' s vascular access, laboratory findings, and the patient' s general health.

· Verifies that patients are taking all prescribed medications and performs medication reconciliation.

· Documents findings of patient assessments and interventions and advises providers of any significant change in the patient's condition and other pertinent information.

· Discusses patient concerns and answers questions relevant to care.

· Oversees dialysis technicians in the performance of dialysis from start to finish, monitors patient reaction to treatment and performance of the dialysis machines, and demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of dialysis.

· Assesses, prepares, and cannulates a patient' s vascular access (including needle insertion in arteriovenous fistula or grafts for aseptic connection with dialysis equipment).

Qualifications and Experience

· Maintains responsibility for providing coverage to the dialysis department.

· Graduate of an accredited school of professional nursing and licensed to practice as a registered nurse · Minimum of 2 years nursing experience

· Prior experience providing nursing care to patients on acute dialysis preferred

· Demonstrates high level of personal and professional accountability and responsibility

· Self-directed and performs duties independently

· Ability to problem-solve and apply critical thinking skills

· Must have the proven ability to maintain confidentiality in the care of patients.

· Ability to effectively communicate and coordinate patient care activities with the interdisciplinary team

How to Apply

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