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Procurement and Logistics Graduate Trainee

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Job Description


Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities
Assist with :
➢ Communicating the value of strategic sourcing and procurement to company stakeholders, department heads, and executives to the achieve buy-in necessary for proper resources and investment.
➢ Work with stakeholders to establish viable, cost effective, and strategic sourcing objectives.
➢ Evaluate, select, and successfully implement comprehensive procurement software.
➢ Establish and enforce procurement policies and procedures.
➢ Evaluate and choose suppliers the company will do business with. This includes examining quality of product, pricing, and delivery time, then deciding which suppliers best fit company needs. Supplier evaluation is a continuous project, updated with each contract and shipment to ensure benchmarks are hit and goods and services continue to meet required standards and timetables. To keep evaluations accurate and comprehensive procurement managers attend trade shows, interview vendors, and visit supply plants/ distribution centers .
➢ Analyse and compare financial reports and pricing proposals from several trusted suppliers before negotiating terms and prices to obtain the best deal for the company.
➢ Training staff members to be knowledgeable about product quality requirements, how to determine when products are unacceptable, and what actions to take when quality standards are not met.
➢ Monitoring contracts to ensure that the supplier meets expectations and invoices are approved and paid in a timely manner.
➢ Making any required adjustments or changes to existing contracts.
➢ Keep track of all goods and services ordered and received, and maintain accurate inventory records including details on price, performance, and delivery.
➢ Ensure responsible procurement practices meet company objectives and compliance requirements.

Qualifications and Experience

Qualifications and Experience
➢ 1 to2 years experience in a similar role
➢ Computer literacy in Pastel Evolution essential.
➢ Computer literacy in Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel etc.) at least intermediate level.
➢ Display a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail.
➢ Possess excellent numerical and organization skills.
➢ Be comfortable working within a team.
➢ Be able to cope under pressure and ensure deadlines are met.
➢ Experience of managing relationships at all levels including senior executives
➢ Ability to contribute effectively when working with senior colleagues, across the breadth of business/strategic issues.
➢ Excellent interpersonal skills at all levels with a presentable and professional personality.
➢ Problem identification, problem solving and decision making skill

How to Apply

Job Type: Full-time
How to apply
Applications must be sent to by the 22nd of March 2024 with a CV and the subject line clearly marked „Application for Procurement & Logistics Graduate Trainee position “