Graphic Designer Attachee

Media, Pr & Communication, Graphic Design Jobs

Job Description

Clamore Solar a renewable company, is looking for a vibrant and tech-savvy Graphic Designer attachee.

Duties and Responsibilities

Management of social media pages
create images and layouts by hand or using design software
conceptualize visuals based on requirements and marketing objectives
Amend designs based on feedback received
Ensure the final graphics and layout align with the brand name and guidelines.

Qualifications and Experience

Must be studying graphic design or arts .
Excellent oral & written communication skills.

How to Apply

Interested candidates are to send applications to no later than the 2nd of December 2023.

Candidates are required to send their graphic designs, please ensure these are your designs not collaborative or copied. Please write an essay on your strategy to increase brand awareness on our social media pages. We want the candidates to design an advert to promote solar irrigation services and solar maintenance using our logo and details. (Details to be shared through email upon request).