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Disaster Risk Reduction and Forecast Based Action [DRR & FBA] Assistant

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Job Description

Position summary:

Facilitate and provide technical support for the development of early action protocols and collaborate/coordinate with district/ward-based stakeholders and community members

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities

Include but are not limited to:

Objective 1: Analysis of AA Capacities and Opportunities, Multi-actor Stakeholder Engagement And Coordination

• Building stakeholder and community capacities in implementation of forecasting, monitoring and early warning system
• Analyze and develop forecasting and early warning systems.
• Situational analysis (Risk and vulnerability analyses and Needs assessments) in targeted communities.
• Support identification, prioritization, and validation of early actions.
• Local verification of Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Analyses (including on the local verification and assessment of hazard, risk and vulnerabilities, as well as regional specific impact-based forecasting assessment for hazard scenarios).
• Attend EAP and CPU coordination and working group meetings.
• Conduct community mobilization and awareness on early action and related project activities.
• Organize and facilitate EAP meetings and workshops with stakeholders and community members.

Objective 2: Lead the participatory identification, prioritization, and validation of appropriate Early Actions as part of a locally informed contingency plan for each area of intervention.

• Scoping/Exploring Anticipation Actions landscape (national, district level) & stakeholder engagement & planning.
• Community-led capacity analysis and agreements for development of forecasting systems and EAPs.
• Report of Early Action Prioritization (contain the participatively identified and prioritized Early Actions and describe their respective expected impact on coping strategies and food security developments of the population).
• Early Action Operationalization (containing the preparedness planning for respective hazard scenarios, identification of timing and window of opportunities for different Early Actions, conceptualizations for cash-preparedness or in-kind prepositioning strategies, readiness concept, operational planning).
• Development and adopting of data collection tools and methodology.
• Facilitate community meetings for identification of coping strategies and Early Actions, scenario planning (Validate and update Vulnerability and Impact Assessment; Scenario-based needs assessments; Cash-feasibility study and analysis of alternative activities).
• Facilitate data collection and analysis for EAP assessments. Participate in all MEAL activities for the project including development of data collection and project monitoring tools, report writing and project surveys.
• Facilitate district scenario planning workshops.
• Facilitate development and prioritization of feasible Early Actions for each hazard scenario (with local partners, authorities, community structures, etc.)

Objective 3: Community-based EAP development, validation, and implementation
• Conduct community feedback meetings.
• Facilitate EAP validation workshops with stakeholders.
• Develop complete Early Action Protocol (including more detailed operational plans, budget, finance and logistic plans, as well as a MEAL concept).

Policy compliance – Mandatory Reporting Policy (MRP):

• Comply with all NAZ policies.
• Assist where necessary in undertaking activities that aim to prevent the occurrence of sexual abuse and exploitation of beneficiaries by NAZ and other humanitarian workers.


• Ensuring the non-disclosure of any information whatsoever relating to the practices and business of NAZ acquired in the course of duty, to any other person or organization without authority, except in the normal execution of duty.

Note: The role of D.R.R and F.B.A. Assistant cannot be limited to the specific duties and tasks detailed herein and may be adjusted in accordance with the needs and operational circumstances of the organization. The success of NAZ’s mission is the highest priority and all issues which arise must be addressed accordingly. Therefore, the D.R.R and F.B.A. Assistant will be required to manage all unforeseen issues and circumstances and remain flexible to perform other duties, as and when required.

Qualifications and Experience

1. Diploma or bachelor’s degree in development studies, Disaster Management, Climate Change, Anticipatory Actions or related field.
2. At least 3 years’ experience in agriculture and/or DRM, with training/capacity building of stakeholders and smallholder farmers. Hands-on field experience required.
3. Experience in DRM and Early Action programming required.
4. Ability and willingness to ride a motorcycle an added advantage.
5. Qualified female candidates are encouraged to apply.

Required skills:
1. Good organizational capacity
2. Knowledge of local DRR strategies
3. Autonomy
4. Good knowledge of the local languages and culture of Mwenezi and Chiredzi districts

How to Apply


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