Call for Expression of Interest Consultancy to conduct meta-analysis of evidence and learning in line with the Oxfam Southern Africa (SAF) cluster strategy framework (2021- 25)

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Job Description

Oxfam Southern Africa (SAF) cluster has been operating under a strategy framework (2021-25) that covers the four countries: Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The regional strategy framework was developed through a consultative process involving staff from the four country offices, partners, external stakeholders, experts and activists working across the region. Oxfam Affiliates and Oxfam International technical teams also provided critical inputs into the process and content.

In line with the strategy framework, the cluster also developed a performance measurement, knowledge and learning framework, commonly referred to as the SAF knowledge and learning framework. The knowledge and learning framework outlines the research and evidence generation processes that contribute to impactful programming and thought leadership in the cluster. It is also aligned to the Global Knowledge and Learning Framework which proposes engagements with specific learning questions, throughout the strategy period, and intentionally generating and applying knowledge from the answers. This will enhance accountability, impact and social change efforts while developing a rich evidence base for Oxfam and partners’ contributions to change.

The 2024/25 financial year is an opportune time to review the SAF strategy framework, allowing us to identify emerging needs, priorities, and opportunities for scale up that are pivotal for informing the next strategy cycle. The review will also contribute to key reporting processes such as the Oxfam One Program Report.

As the first step towards a systematic and rigorous review, the SAF cluster is proposing to conduct a meta-analysis that captures progress, change, contributions to change, and learning at various levels from existing documentation that includes evaluations, research, monitoring reports, reviews, among others. Often, human and financial resources are invested heavily in the generation of evidence and knowledge products, with limited opportunity to engage with these especially beyond donor-funded initiatives to tap into and apply the lessons into ongoing and future programs and strategies.

The synthesis of evidence of outcome and system focused change and learning that has occurred over the strategy period to date will be the foundation for other participatory engagements with various partners and stakeholders for instance in the form of validation/sense-making workshops. The meta-analysis will contribute to a broader strategy framework review process that will enable the SAF cluster to be more adaptive and strengthen the quality and safety of our programming.

Duties and Responsibilities

Scope of work
Oxfam SAF cluster therefore seeks the services of an experienced and competent consultant to conduct a meta-analysis aimed at assessing the evidence and knowledge base generated over the period 2021 to 2024 constituting project evaluations, monitoring and assessment reports, Real Time Reviews, research, and other documentation focusing on the following pillars/thematic areas: humanitarian, gender justice, and just economies, climate justice, as well as cross-cutting areas of work such as accountable governance.

The assignment will entail a comprehensive review of this literature to identify the emerging patterns and trends and hence key evidence, learning and recommendations. The final report should provide a cluster overview as well as country by country disaggregation that should create a platform for further engagement within and between Oxfam, partners and stakeholders for sense-making and validation purposes.

The consultant will work together with Oxfam SAF cluster, Oxfam Great Britain (OGB), Oxfam in Africa (OiA), and Oxfam International Secretariat, specifically the Knowledge and Impact Team (KIT) to design the core structure of these validation and sense-making workshops. The assignment should be completed within 30 calendar days.

Qualifications and Experience

Profile and experience of the consultant
To ensure that the meta-analysis is carried out in the most effective manner possible, the consultant must possess the following attributes:
o Experience in program management, monitoring, research and evaluation in areas that include and include, or are related to: humanitarian work, gender justice, just economies, accountable governance, climate justice among others.
o Demonstrated familiarity and track record of utilizing meta-analysis or meta-synthesis approaches in research and/or reviews.
o Experience of working with and being able to make sense of large volume of quantitative and qualitative data. This includes but not limited to being able to identify causal claims and links in qualitative data through approaches such as causal mapping and analysis, and network analysis.
o Experience in leading and conducting program evaluations for local NGOs, INGOs, high-level donors and multi-lateral agencies in various contexts including fragile countries.
o Experience in evaluating programs in Southern Africa could be listed as an added advantage
o Relevant qualifications in fields such economics, development, anthropology, monitoring and evaluation, applied research or others.
o Excellent proven data analysis, reporting and presentation skills.
o Fluency in both oral and written English.
o Familiarity with Oxfam systems and processes will be an added advantage.

How to Apply

Application procedure
Interested applicants should read the detailed Terms of Reference and submit a technical and financial proposal to: Zimtenders@oxfam.org.uk. The expression of interest should among other things, demonstrate the consultants’ understanding of these terms of reference, proposed approaches, methodologies or techniques and timelines/schedule. A maximum of three samples of previous work related to the assignment as well as resume/s of the lead consultant will also be accepted as addendums to the expression of interest. The deadline for submission of expressions of interest is: 21st May 2024.