Job Summary

The position exists to carry out accounting clerical work to ensure that all payments and expenditure are done timeously. The position provides for capturing of data guaranteeing that all transactions are posted into the correct accounts in the computerized accounting and billing system and to promote efficiency and effectiveness of the division.

Duties and Responsibilities

1.1.1. Payment Processing
1. Receives orders from buying department and prepares payment vouchers to ensure that payments are processed timeously.
2. Certify payment vouchers for accuracy as well as to ensure that payment is being made to the relevant personnel and for the right amount.
3. Ensures that transfers, cheques and RTGs are made to ensure that creditors are paid timeously as a way of retaining business.
4. Captures all business transactions in the Pastel System database in order to give a true reflection of invoices received from creditors as well as determine how much the organisation owes.
5. Records and files all payments made and bank statements to ensure for tracking, verification and reference purposes.
6. Keeps cash book up to date to ascertain the cash position of the organisation to ensure for informed decision by management.
7. Captures payment vouchers and receipts from clients to ensure that both creditors and debtors’ accounts are accurately up to date.
8. Maintains cash book and prepares a cash book analysis to determine the cash in-flow and out flow of the organisation.

1.1.2. Debt Collection
1. Captures invoices and receipts on debtor’s accounts in order to determine customers that owe the organization.
2. Prepares debtors statements on a monthly basis and compile a debtor’s schedule.
3. Makes follow ups on non-paying clients so as to recover company funds within stipulated time frames thus improving working capital.
4. Physically visit clients with confirmation letters to ensure that debtors sign and acknowledge their debts.
5. Monitors payment progress to ensure that the organization knows what they have been able to recover.
6. Reconciles debtors account to determine the financial position of the organization.

1.1.3. Banking
1. Makes bank transfers to ensure that both the internal and external customer is paid timeously.
2. Prepare payment receipts making sure that all required documents are attached to facilitate payments.
3. Receives and receipts cash payments from clients and operators in compliance with the Accounting procedures of the organisation.
4. Sends the cash and transfers for banking timeously to avoid any lose or misappropriation of funds.
5. Attends to queries related to deposits made at the bank to ensure corrections are done if any to ensure accuracy of such financial information.

1.1.4. Bank Reconciliations
1. Prepares end of day cash reconciliations to maintain an accurate balance of organisational funds.
2. Processes bank reconciliations to match all bank and cash book entries to ensure for accuracy and to determine any anomalies that need to be addressed.
3. Ensures that every payment is matched against invoices raised in order to reduce their accounts as well as manage creditors’ accounts.
4. Posts the receipted transactions into the computerised Pastel system as a way of verifying the correctness of the financial information as well as for record keeping for future reference and in making informed decisions were applicable.
5. Reconciles creditors so as to possess correct information of all creditors for record keeping and reference purposes.

1.1.5. Committing, Receipting & Billing
1. Receives and commit internal requisitions for budget purposes.
2. Allocates internal requisitions expenditure codes for orders to ensure for their easy classification.
3. Receives and receipts cash and cheque payments from in compliance with the Accounting procedures of the organisation.
4. Input invoice in the pastel system to come up with correct position against stationary account to ensure that the organization is in line with the budget.
5. Timeous production of invoices for customers in order to inform them of what they owe to the organisation and terms of payments.
6. Deliver invoices every month to government ministries as a reminder of what they owe to CMED in order to recover organisational funds.

1.1.6. Petty Cash Management
1. Manages petty cash in order to cater for the daily running of the organisations thus ensuring for the smooth transactions of work activities.
2. Issues petty cash and ensures that proper documentation has been produced to ensure that money is disbursed to the relevant personnel.
3. Reconciles petty cash on a daily basis to account for daily expenditures thus determining how much has been used per day.
4. Prepares reconciliation reports every month that give detailed account on petty cash management to ensure for informed decision making by management.
5. Manages cash register to keep records of transactions done to ensure for a proper audit trail and to ensure for organisational funds.

1.1.7. Reporting
The Accounts Clerk reports to the Construction Accountant and prepares the following monthly:-
a. Debtors Analysis reports to determine those organisations that owe CMED.
b. Revenue reports to reflect upon the profitability of the organisation.
c. Creditors Age Analysis in order to determine amount owed to service providers.
d. VAT schedule reports to determine the amount owed to the government in accordance with statutory requirements.

Qualifications and Experience

Minimum qualifications

1. 5’O’ levels with Grade ‘C’ or better in Mathematics/Accounts.

2. Diploma in Accounting or Finance or PART CIS, SAAA

3. 2 - 3 years of relevant experience.

4. Computer literacy

How to Apply

Applications from persons meeting the above stated requirements, a detailed curriculum vitae and copies of proof of qualifications should be submitted to;

The Human Resource & Administration Officer
CMED Private Limited

E-mail address:

Not later than Friday 1 July 2022

About CMED Private Limited

CMED Private Limited Vacancies CMED (Private) Limited came into being following the promulgation of the CMED (Commercialisation) Act by Parliament in 2000. The commercialisation of CMED (Privat...

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