Value Chain Analyst: Technoserve, Inc. (TNS)

Value Chain Analyst: Technoserve, Inc. (TNS)
Deadline: 16 March 2018

Position location & travel potential: Bulawayo
Start date: 1 April 2018
Job duration: 5 months

General company information
Technoserve, Inc. (TNS) is an international nonprofit development organization founded in 1968. Its mission is to help entrepreneurial men and women in poor rural areas of the developing world to build competitive farm, businesses and industries that create jobs, income and economic opportunity for their families, their communities and their countries.

Primary project purpose
Sizimele is a Consortium managed programme that seeks to improve the absorptive, adaptive and transformative capacities of at risk communities. The Consortium aim to bring relevant interventions, innovation, closer collaboration with private partners, synergies with the existing and new projects and a strong evidence-based theory of change that is well aligned with the Zimbabwe Resilience Building Fund (ZRBF) programme theory of change. Sizimele project feeds into ZRBF’s overall objective of resilience of at risk smallholder farmers so that the farmers are food, income and nutrition secure in the face of increasing multiple and chronic shocks and stressors. Smallholder farmer capacity for resilience is build through Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR), increased farmer productivity, livelihood diversification and system change.

TechnoServe is leveraging on its vast experience in micro-insurance, entrepreneurship, access to finance interventions, market and value chain development to build smallholder farmer’s capacity for resilience. The program’s technical assistance package will be focusing on smart agriculture, gender integration, risk analysis, micro-insurance and sustainable inclusive business models that provide value chain actors with linkages to finance and markets.

The consultant will be responsible for identification and engagement of relevant stakeholders to participate in consortium led value chains including seed companies, processors and markets. The role will include training, coaching and/or mentoring of selected Community Based Organisations/SMEs/Agro-dealers to develop own marketing strategy thereby assisting the organisations to plan ahead through the setting of appropriate goals and objectives. The work will consider all marketing factors along identified value chains, with a view to capacitate SMEs to brand and package products better. The Consultant will focus specifically on Sizimele value chains, with a priority focus on agriculture SMEs

Analysis will include, but is not limited to, the following: Research on value chains and map the current state of the value chains in Sizimele operations districts (Insiza, Matobo & Lupane ) - to develop an in-depth understanding of through desktop research, and stakeholder engagement; Develop an action plan for priority value chain development in the ZRBF Program; Map the landscape of small-scale traders in the given districts of operation with particular emphasis on program specific value chains and identify key market players in the district and the country at large; Lead demand-side and supply-side analysis of export/import and price information; and design best-fit methodology/strategy for improving information exchange and coordination of products along the value chain; Develop a business case for identified market/value chain interventions; Support implementation of strategies to promote and engage vulnerable groups, particularly women and youth in farmer productivity, market participation and increased wealth creation activities; Analyse select value chains to identify constraints and opportunities for inclusive growth – to reduce poverty, increase resilience and improve livelihoods year round; Promote demand driven value chains in the target areas. This includes supporting smallholder farmers to align their operations to the demands of the market as well as the general environment in which they operate; Facilitate produce aggregation: Improving infrastructure for product aggregation and access to adapted technology for storage and processing by smallholder framers. The consultant will put in place mechanisms to mobilise small scale producers to aggregate their products to enhance their bargaining power; Identify specific opportunities to increase productivity, cost effectiveness or scale through the introduction of new technologies or ICT based products/services; The Analyst will identify targeted interventions to strengthen the value chain such as upgrading and strengthening the weakest links in the value chains (e.g. addressing infrastructure, technical capacity or financial gaps – partner engagement) to improve the overall competitiveness of the value chain; In consultation with other program stakeholders facilitate the creation or strengthening of existing producer/commodity associations; Identify market system constraints and lead assessment on ways to create better market opportunities for producers and processors; Provide guidance on value chain development; Guide the development of consortium and district level work-plans for market linkages and value chain development; Lead development and facilitation of marketing operations – capacity building on quality, grading, standards etc; Link with private sector to drive value chains development for the consortium; Any other tasks within the scope of work

Detailed work plan; Perform fully fledged marketing audit on different value chains from identified 5 organizations (3 CBOs and 2 SMEs); Facilitate for the signing of at least 5 Offtake agreements with reputable / established markets, each with a minimum period of 6 months; Engage at least 2 insurers to participate in insurance cover for crops and livestock value chains covering at least 500 smallholder farmers and 12 agro-dealers. Facilitate for financial inclusion by linking the insured farmers to financiers in market driven value chains; Market Audit Report for each CBO/SME (word and power-point); Identify markets for each CBO (different value chains) and facilitate for MOU signing; Develop a marketing strategy for selected CBOs/SMEs; Conduct stakeholder workshop on marketing strategy for selected CBOs; Train program staff (at least 50 TOT) , 3 CBOs and 2 SMEs, 200 farmer groups/commodity associations and 36 agro-dealers on value chains and market development; Training Report (word and power-point); Develop a structure for monitoring and evaluating the effectives of the marketing plan; Train stakeholders on the importance of value chains developments / inclusive business models, submit training report; Facilitate marketing support to processing centres – brand and packaging for CBOs / SMEs; Recommendations on key intervention areas so that production marketing can be more competitive, profitable and productive; Presentation at round-table workshop for all stakeholders; Final report (word and power-point)

Skills required
Demonstrated competences and experience in carrying out similar projects; A relevant degree or equivalent in Marketing, Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Development; Experience in working with smallholder farmers/agro-dealers is an added advantage; Strong analytical capabilities and proven planning and organization skills
Excellent presentation skills

The work will provide SIZIMELE clients with the necessary business insights to scale their business, specifically in relation to improving the smallholder business models, and in turn the lives and livelihoods of the farmers they work with.

Fees & expenses
The remuneration will be in accordance with the experience of the consultant for a maximum period of 5 months, starting 1 April 2018.

To apply
Please send your current CV and Motivational Letter to:

Technoserve, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Created: March 13, 2018
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