Cervical Cancer Nurse - OPHID

Cervical Cancer Nurse - OPHID
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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Cervical Cancer Nurse is a registered nurse seconded to cervical cancer or VIAC (Visual Inspection with Acetic acid and Cervicography) clinics within designated public health care facilities. The CC nurse will be assigned to work at a health facility under the guidance and technical supervision of the health facility leadership team and directly reporting to the designate Nurse-in-Charge with technical assistance from the Program coordinator.

Main responsibilities

The main responsibilities for the CC nurse will be to provide cervical cancer screening for women living with HIV (WLHIV) as guided by the Ministry of Health and Child Care strategic plan. The responsibilities extend to include the treatment of precancerous lesions using cryotherapy and thermal ablation. In consultation with the client, the nurse will develop a treatment plan for each client, that includes subsequent follow-up and necessary investigations. The nurse will be responsible for managing and reporting ALL adverse event experienced by the client during screening and treatment. In cases where the treatment goes beyond the scope of the nurse’s training and experience, he/she shall refer all clients to the next level of care and ensure that the client completes the referral by conducting the necessary follow-up. Adherence to the MOHCC and OPHID SOPs and guidelines shall be critical to ensure that all clients receive the best quality treatment and care.

Key Performance Areas:

1) Conduct cervical cancer screening for WLHIV >30years using VIAC as per national guidelines

a) Work with the health care workers at the health facility to identify HIV positive women >30 years for cervical cancer screening.

b) Counsel client on the benefits and potential side events of cervical cancer screening so that client can give informed consent.

c) Register eligible clients in the electronic and paper-based registers before client is screened.

d) Conduct VIAC for each client in a safe, private, confidential and dignified environment for every client.

e) After screening client, treat client using the provided SOPs and algorithms.

f) The nurse will be expected to offer treatment to clients with STIs, cervicitis or genital ulcer disease incidentally diagnosed during the screening process. STI contact tracing to be done for clients found to be having STIs. Adherence to the STIs treatment guidelines is of paramount importance.

g) In consultation with the client, the nurse will be responsible for drawing up a follow up plan/schedule and book the client in the provided diary.

2) Conduct treatment for precancerous cervical cancer lesions

a) For clients who screen positive for precancerous lesions the nurse will provide treatment using cryotherapy or thermal ablation, depending on availability of treatment method

b) For ALL clients with precancerous lesions, the nurse will be expected to use treat and see approach to avoid missed opportunities.

c) Treat and monitor all clients for adverse events. It is the responsibility of the nurse to report all adverse events to the OPHID and MOHCC databases.

d) Clients with suspected invasive cancer shall be referred to the next level of care in consultation with the hospital doctor and/or mentor. The nurse will be responsible for follow up of the client and calling the receiving facility to ensure client completes referral. Documentation of the patient referral outcome shall also be done by the nurse.

e) Where applicable, the nurse shall be responsible for issuing client with suspected invasive cancer with biopsy and/or transport coupons in consultation with the supervisor

f) Monitor and ensure availability of consumables and functional equipment with the support of the supervisor.

3) Outreach, community mobilisation and demand creation

a) Work with the health workers (Primary counsellors, Village Health Workers, Community Referral Facilitators, nurses and Health Centre Committee etc.) at the health facility to sensitize and mobilise clients within facility and community for cervical cancer screening.

b) Conduct outreach VIAC visits to screen women in hard to reach areas. In consultation with the District Health Executive (DHE) a schedule for outreach visits to identified sites should be developed and adhered to. The nurse will also compile a list of names for the outreach team and a duty roster developed as well.

c) Schedule follow up visits for all clients screened and treated during outreach visits. Support identification of clients who are defaulting for tracking and tracing

4) Strategic Information and Evaluation (SIE)

a) Registration of all clients screened for cervical cancer in the provided standard MOHCC electronic and paper registers

b) Record and maintain filing system for all client records as per MOHCC procedures

c) Prepare monthly report on services rendered for submission to supervisor.

d) Using the relevant primary data sources the nurse will be responsible for timeously collecting, compiling and reporting to MOHCC and OPHID monthly.

5) Provide HIV Care and Psychosocial Support

a) Facilitate linkage between HIV testing, diagnosis, care, support and treatment

b) Provide adherence counselling and initiate clients on ARV treatment

c) Link and refer clients to facility and community based Psychosocial Support Services

d) Provide routine follow-up and monitoring of clients (including scheduling interpreting Viral Load and CD4 tests) and provide adherence support as per client’s result.

All the duties will be performed within an integrated system; i.e. HIV treatment and care, family planning, MNCH and cervical cancer services must be offered to the client under one roof where possible. Where not possible, it is the nurse’s responsibility to ensure that the client is linked to all the other required services.

The nurse might be asked to perform other duties that contribute to the achievement of cervical cancer targets and improve the quality of care for the clients.

6) Minimum Requirements

Diploma/Degree in Nursing, Registered General Nurse (RGN)
Postgraduate qualifications (midwifery or community nursing) are an added advantage
Registration with Zimbabwe’s Nurses Council
Training, knowledge and experience in counselling, cervical cancer screening and Cervicography
Training, knowledge and experience in HIV treatment and care is an added advantage
Knowledge and experience of working within the Ministry of Health and Care public sector
Working under minimal supervision, self-motivation and self-driven to achieve set goals and targets.
Computer literacy and ability to generate electronic reports daily.
Good inter-personal communications skills and ability to navigate through different cultures and religions during the execution of duties

Application Procedures

Step 1: Click Here to apply and Complete the Application Form.

Step 2: Submit your cv and application letter via email to : recruitments@ophid.co.zw clearly indicating the position you are applying for on the subject of the email.

OPHID and its Consortium partners are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against any employee or job applicant on the basis of race, political affiliation, religion, tribe, national origin, gender, physical or mental disability, health status (including HIV status) or age.

During the application process, OPHID will not charge any fee nor will it require any payment to be made for any application to be considered. Canvassing for or by any candidate will lead to disqualification.

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