Digital Marketer/Web Designer

We are looking to recruit a talented individual skilled in using various Digital Platforms to come on board as a Digital Consultant.

Duties/Tasks include

1. Creating and Managing Websites with WordPress
2. Managing and Monitoring Facebook and Google Ads
3. Scheduling Social Media Posts
4. Engaging and updating clients on the progress of their accounts.
5. Tracking website and social traffic statistics and organizing the information for effective decision making.
6. Creating and Sending Proposals

What you must have

1. Must be comfortable with using Cpanel
2. Must be comfortable with using Digital Tools including Google Analytics, Hubspot, Canva, Facebook Power Studio, WordPress, Databox and Others.
3. Must be comfortable with working in an Agency Environment where you get to deal with lots of clients.


1. Practical Certifications from Google, Muzinda Hub, Treehouse, Hubspot, etc Shall take precedence. A portfolio site to distinguish yourself will also be valuable.

If you are interested, email us your CV to onlinexzim@gmail.com before the 12th of November 2019.

Created: November 10, 2019
Category: Ict, Design
Expiry Date: Nov. 12, 2019

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