Communications Consultant: Research and Advocacy Unit

Communications Consultant: Research and Advocacy Unit
Deadline: 18 October 2019

Duration of Assignment: 5 days
Reports to: Director

The Research and Advocacy Unit is a non-governmental organization, founded in 2006 that conducts research on human rights and governance issues affecting women and youth for the purposes of influencing policy. The organization is in the process of developing its Communication Plan. The plan will improve communication with key audiences such as clients, donors, and partners. It will establish a clear benchmark for RAU to conduct its communication processes internally and externally. The organization is therefore inviting competent individual or organizations to assist in the development of a Communication Plan.

The goal of the assignment is to capacitate and assist RAU staff to develop a Communication Plan. In particular the capacity building process will focus on the importance, relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the plan. The process will also look at the key elements of a Communication Plan.

Roles and Responsibilities of Consultant
Research and Advocacy Unit requires contributions from an external consultant to facilitate the development of a Communication Plan for the organization. The facilitation process will take into account the following aspects: Inclusivity of all relevant stakeholders (staff, management, board) and participatory approaches; A gender lens approach; Demonstrate the importance of the communication plan.

The proposed methodology should be an integral part of the expression of interest and contain the following as a minimum requirement: Consultant’s understanding of the communication plan requirements; Description of phases that will be conducted related to the plan development process; Employ various facilitation approaches in order to get more valuable information from the relevant stakeholders; Conduct a desk review.

Consultants / organizations will be evaluated on the following criteria: Suitability and proven relevant and prior experience; Likelihood of meeting and delivering on criteria provided; Methodological approach proposed; Thematic and methodological expertise in conducting similar work; Availability to complete the work in the time period proposed; Value for money.

Outputs and Deliverables
A Communication Plan for Research and Advocacy Unit.

Payment and Reporting
Payments will be done after the consultant has submitted approved deliverables. During the
assignment, the consultant will be reporting to the RAU director.

Expert profile of the consultant
The consultant should be a specialist in communication processes. The following qualifications are required: At least 5 years of progressively responsible positions in communications department; Proven track record in communication related issues, including local capacity strengthening; Good communication skills; Excellent analytical and report writing skills; International or regional experience in conducting a similar work will be an added advantage.

To apply
Interested candidates meeting the above specifications should submit their expression of interest, daily fee rate and CV to: info@rau.co.zw

Created: October 11, 2019
Category: Strategic, Business Management, Consultancy
Expiry Date: Oct. 18, 2019

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