Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Vacancy: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Silveira House Jesuit Social Justice and Development Centre is seeking someone for the post of
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer.
Job Description
The Monitoring and Evaluation Officer ensures that all Silveira House projects maintain their
strategic vision. The position systematically assesses ongoing and completed projects, appraising
their design, implementation and results. The position provides management with indications of the
extent to which progress is being made by projects and whether their objectives are being met
within the allocated resources. The M&E officer is responsible for producing reports that are of
high standard to match the requirements of funding partners. This position should also adequately
capture the societal impact of the various Silveira House projects, as well as the lessons learnt.
➢ Bachelor’s degree in social sciences
➢ Qualification in statistics and research methods
➢ Monitoring and Evaluation qualification
➢ Prior experience in project management
➢ Excellent writing skills
About the Organisation
Silveira House is a Catholic Church Jesuit-run organisation whose mission is the promotion of social justice
in Zimbabwe. Our vision is that of a peaceful and just Zimbabwean society, and our mission is the
promotion of active participation and co-responsibility by all citizens towards their own development. Our
work is carried out through three departments: Community Development; Advocacy and Peace-building;
and Technical and Vocational Skills Training. The Centre is based in Harare.
Send applications to: anmoyo@gmail.com cc. director@silveirahouse.org.zw
The deadline for applications is 10 October 2019.

Created: October 07, 2019
Category: Ngo, Social Services, Kubatana
Expiry Date: Oct. 10, 2019

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