Monitoring and Evaluations Officer

Harare Wetlands Trust
Harare Wetlands Trust is a locally registered umbrella trust incorporating Civil Society Organizations, Community Based Organizations and concerned individuals promoting the conservation of Harare`s Wetland Ecosystems to ensure sustainable provisioning of water for Greater Harare.

The City of Harare is built within the head waters of the Upper Manyame Catchment Basin, a wetland ecosystem located at the top of the watershed that provides many essential and highly valuable services such as water provisioning, water purification, water storage and regulation, flood mitigation and carbon storage; a habitat that supports wetland biodiversity, fresh air, recreational space and more to the citizens of Harare. The wetland ecosystem forms the primary water catchment area for the City feeding water into the dams downstream and replenishing and purifying the underground water table. It is an extensive single natural ecological system within the catchment basin.
Unregulated infrastructural developments as well as cultivation are taking place on wetlands at an unprecedented rate causing their degradation which are adversely affecting the overall functioning of this fragile ecosystem with immediate and serious implications for the Harare Metropolitan area running out of both ground and surface water to supply to several million inhabitants.
Harare Wetlands Trust is seeking a Monitoring and Evaluations Officer
Job Title: HWT Monitoring and Evaluations Officer
Location: Harare
Nature of Employment: This is a 75% level of effort position for 18 months


The Monitoring and Evaluation Officer will support the HWT programme`s efforts in advancing programme goals and objectives through the provision of efficient and effective program monitoring and evaluation. Key responsibilities of the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer includes developing and implementing monitoring and evaluation plans consistent with programme design; designing and implementing data collection systems; collecting and analysing quantitative and qualitative data; conducting baseline, mid-term, and final programme assessments and evaluations; and contributing to donor, institutional, and partner reports as required. Critical to this work is collaborating with programme implementation staff to ensure the M & E plan is integrated into the program design and all staff, partners, stakeholders, and beneficiaries understand their roles in carrying out monitoring and evaluation.

1. Provide monitoring and evaluation support to the HWT programme, assess programme objectives and impact.
2. Assist with the development and implementation of programme monitoring and evaluation plans, including: a. designing and maintaining data collection systems b. carrying out quantitative and qualitative data collection including administration of surveys, questionnaires, focal groups, etc. c. conducting baseline assessments, midterm reviews, and final evaluations for HWT Programme
3. Support the drafting and review of M & E plans; reports (monthly, quarterly, and annual basis); and, other documents as assigned.
4. Assist with developing and managing monitoring and evaluation programme budgets, including working with Financial Officers to identify expected costs and track related expenditures.
5. Meet regularly with HWT staff to ensure efficient and effective data collection and analysis and provide feedback to enhance programme impact.
6. Compile information on lessons learned from programme staff and partners.
7. Work directly with staff and programme beneficiaries to support them in capturing indicators for monitoring and evaluation.
8. Participate in and/or help facilitate meetings and trainings and prepare meeting reports related to monitoring and evaluation efforts, as required.
9. Maintain updated data files and records in orderly and accessible fashion.
10. Assist with providing M & E technical support and training to programme partners and staff to improve data collection and reporting.
11. Liaise with TRACE M& E team to learn new techniques, approaches, software, and tools; problem solve; and enhance measurement and programme progress and impact.
12. Perform other related duties as assigned

Methods of checking work How frequently
The incumbent will report on attendance and timesheet matters, and on organisational and programme matters.
The incumbent will consolidate and forward comprehensive reports
The incumbent will have meeting with the Project Manager, Wetlands Awareness, Research and Access to Information Officer and identified team members to discuss M&E progress, impact, strategy and programme dynamics.
The M& E Officer will report to Wetlands Awareness, Research and Access to Information Officer


Listed below are the typical work-related problems that may be experienced in this position:

• Ensures compliance with programme deadlines
• Deals with programme-related risks


The incumbent must:

• A Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree with relevant experience in public policy, public administration, non-profit management, and/or development studies; experience or knowledge in programme implementation, monitoring, and evaluation; and a broad understanding of governance programmes in Zimbabwe
• Proven and demonstrated experience in: a) working with government officials and civil society organizations b) collecting, collating, analysing, and reporting programme indicator data c) facilitating assessments and surveys d) implementing internal and external learning activities that generate, capture, and share advocacy best-practices and information e) using specific computer/program competencies
• Strong communication skills in both written and oral forms
• Ability to function independently and in team settings, and work effectively with diverse groups of people
• Experience in training local partners and staff in M & E initiatives
• Have political insight and understanding


The position is for an immediate start

Applications will close on Friday 4 October 2019

Applications should include `HWT Monitoring and Evaluations Officer` in the subject line and should be forwarded by email to: hararewetlandstrust@gmail.com

Created: September 28, 2019
Category: Ngo, Social Services, Kubatana
Location: Harare
Expiry Date: Oct. 12, 2019

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