Energy Pricing Analyst - Cumii

Job Title Energy Pricing Analyst
Company Cumii
Reporting To Financial Controller
Job Type Classification Long Term Contract
Location - Country Zimbabwe
Location - Town / City Harare
Job Purpose •This role will provide the data, analysis and recommendations to challenge and improve strategic, operational and financial performance. They will collect data in order to interpret, establish facts and draw valid conclusions, and will develop and test analyses and models to quantify business performance, forecast future outcomes and recommend improvements. They will partner with and challenge key stakeholders in our commercial sales function, including on Price Structuring, Margin Management and Forecasting. As well as supporting the commercial sales team and deriving business value by analysing project profitability through tools such as internal rate of return, payback period and initial rate of return.

Qualifications and Experience

Degree in Finance, Economics, Mathematics, Business Management or related qualification.
A vocational qualification in power engineering will be an added advantage.
2 to 4 years’ experience in a similar or related environment.

Key Result Areas

• Develops the pricing strategy and business plans in line with the overall business strategy.
• Monitors and evaluates the performance of solar products and services and recommends adjustments.
• Sets prices in line with project costs, customer and regulatory requirements
• Assess the impact of solar product pricing adjustments on customer propensity.
• Reviews prices in line with product performance, product life cycles and market trends.
• Benchmarks prices in line with competitor offering.
• Assess the performance of products and services
• Recommends on ways to which the business can generate more revenue through price adjustments.
• Factor in the cost impact of raw materials on overall product sales and profit margins.•
• Adjusts products packages and bundles.
• Assist in value addition of products such as packaging and support services so as to creatively conduct price adjustments.
• Captures and communicates on competitor activity that is related to Distributed Power Africa solar products and services
• Identifies and communicates any misalignment between solar product offerings and customer needs.
• Advises on required market leads in areas under his or her territory to expand solar service distribution network.
• Assesses the competitor prices and recommends price adjustments so as to assist the business in generating more revenues.
• Compiles, codes, categorize and audits marketing data such as that for solar sales, competitor analysis, customer churn and new sales leads.
• Analyses trends and assists in making predictions that enables the business to maximise on revenue and sales volumes for solar products and services.
• Estimates the quantifiable impact of solar sales, customers, partner events or related information so as to determine cost, resource estimate or materials required to perform work activities.
• Reports on product and service performance that is related to pricing using metrics such as profit margins, revenue per product, product contribution to revenue and average price per year.

• Conduct trend analysis on product and service performance so as to assist in determining future pricing requirements.
• Generate timeous reports as required by the business
• Offers support to Technical sales officers on issues related to prices.
• Conducts market visits on delegated authority.
• Conducts surveys that are related to pricing and other commercial issues.
• Conducts quantitative and qualitative analysis of products and services so as to assist the Sales and Marketing team in key decision making.
• Assess the sales and distribution strategy and how it affects solar pricing issues.
• Conducting business reviews to enhance customer experience.
• Engaging customers over price adjustments so as to sustain and assure continued streaming of revenue in the business.
• Building a strong brand value through proper pricing strategies.

Created: August 14, 2019
Category: Accounting, Finance
Location: Harare
Expiry Date: Aug. 14, 2019

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