Hostel Matron: Local NGO

Deadline: 9 August 2019

Supervised By: Programs Officer

Summary of The Job
The main function of this post is to be an adult presence in the hostel and to be responsible for the safeguarding, welfare and security of girls by supervising and monitoring their health, welfare, rooms and the hostel premises. Above all, there is an expectation of a parent figure who is generous with their time and responsive to the needs of the students. The post requires someone who is patient, understands young people and is able to demonstrate good sense. The incumbent should have good personal inter-active skills with young people and their parents and guardians by being a good listener, flexible in outlook, reliable, warm and friendly in disposition, with sufficient sensitivity to show tact and diplomacy. A sense of humour and an even temper dealing with all situations in a co-operative and sensitive manner are also fundamental to carrying out this job effectively. The job involves any or all of the specifications listed below. The list is neither definitive nor exhaustive and the range of tasks will embrace many incidents and situations which are not stated, but require initiative and common sense to be applied.

Bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology or public health; A Teaching qualification; Diploma in systematic and therapeutic counselling; At least 3 years’ working experience in the same field.

Training in the following areas is an added advantage
Child protection and Safeguarding; First Aid; General safety and security; Food Handling; Fire Marshal

Main duties of the position
Manning hostel communal areas during nominated hours of duty; Reside in official accommodation during silent hours and respond to calls/alarms in line with protocols; Be the main holder for the organization’s keys; Monitor flow of water and usage thereof to avoid wastage; Exercise pastoral care of the girls (in accordance with Individual Care Plans where appropriate), attend care meetings where required and support girls’ emotional, cultural and intellectual development; Supervise girls during non-timetabled time when present in hostel; Provide first aid, initial medical support and monitor uptake of medicines to girls in line with YA child protection protocols and attend appropriate ‘updating’ training sessions as necessary; Supervise hygiene practices and cleanliness (including appearance) of girls; Set an exemplary personal standard of dress, behaviour and personal hygiene; Supervise girls’ laundry activities; Monitor standards achieved in cleaning the hostel and report on any deficiencies; Report repairs required in the hostel maintenance book; Maintain close liaison with the Programs officer at all times concerning girls’ medical protocols and provisions; Support, promote and implement YA and hostel policies and protocols; Maintain detailed student records with particular attention to the confidentiality, privacy and sensitivity of issues; Participate in a programme of continual risk assessment within the hostel as required by Health and Safety guidelines; Being part of the daily routine of the hostel by assisting with both waking the girls in the morning and settling them in the evening; Communicate appropriately with parents and guardians, as and when necessary; Be accessible and take an interest in all aspects of the lives of the girls, but not to be intrusive or force their confidences; Be available for discussion with girls and emphasise that they can speak privately to you or a Doctor, or other person, by arrangement if they wish; Report any withdrawn or unusual behaviour to the Programs officer; Watch for and act upon homesickness and loneliness, especially with new girls; Regularly meet with the Programs Officer to discuss the welfare of the girls; Plan, deliver and establish regular group based life skills, psychosocial support sessions and schedules to ensure that each learner receives adequate time and support; Prepare and submit the requested reports at the stipulated intervals; Undertake such other duties as the Director and Programmes Officer may reasonably require.

To apply
Submit letter of motivation and CV to the Programs Officer on ya.zim@youngafrica.org

Created: August 07, 2019
Category: Ngo, Social Services, Kubatana
Expiry Date: Aug. 9, 2019

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