Applicants must possess:
i. An earned PhD degree.
ii. At least 10 years experience in University education and at least at a Senior Lecturer level.
iii. Knowledge in training and experience in teaching, learning and administration in higher education.
iv. Knowledge and skills in human resources development.
The Training Manager will be expected to:
i. Offer and oversee continuing staff development programmes and training needs of all academic and non-academic staff in order to
ensure that they have the right skills for the positions they occupy.
ii. Consult with Faculties, College of Health Sciences, Departments, Directorates, Institutes and Centres on their training needs and
requirements to mitigate actual and potential skills deficits and enhance them to improve the quality of University core business.
iii. Facilitate, co-develop and implement programmes, short courses with other external professional bodies, in consultation with Faculties,
the College of Health Sciences, Departments, Directorates, Institutes and Centres.
iv. Design and implement training and professional development courses and events, including workshops and conferences.
v. Put in place core courses for all categories of staff.
vi. Work with Faculties to benchmark and accredit professional development courses with partner Universities.


The Training Manager will be responsible for:
i. Identifying the training needs for all categories of staff.
ii. Developing and implementing induction programmes for new staff.
iii. Develop Quality Assurance assessment frameworks.
iv. Identifying annual core training modules for all categories of staff.
v. Monitoring and assessing potential risks requiring ad-hoc training for all categories of staff.
vi. Inculcating the spirit of excellence in staff, through development of appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies, commensurate with
their responsibilities and deployment.
vii. Identifying short courses for joint offering with industry and other professional bodies during the winter school and other possible times.
viii. Receiving and implementing recommendations for training from Faculties, College of Health Sciences, Departments, Directorates, Institutes, Centres, Safety Health and Environment and Facilities and Infrastructure Managers.
ix. Design and develop core courses for all categories of staff in consultation with the heads of departments for those employees.
x. Any other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Director.
Applicants must submit six copies of applications. Each set of application should be accompanied by a Curriculum Vitae, giving full particulars including full name, place and date of birth and ID, birth certificate and copies of academic and professional qualifications, all certified.
Applications must give telephone number, names and addresses of three referees.
Applications should be addressed and either hand delivered or posted to:- The Registrar University of Zimbabwe
Administration Building
P 0 Box MP167
Mount Pleasant
The closing date for receipt of applications is 16 August 2019.
The University of Zimbabwe is an equal opportunity employer and therefore men and women are equally encouraged to apply. Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Created: August 04, 2019
Category: Human Resources, She, Teaching, Training
Location: Harare
Expiry Date: Aug. 16, 2019

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