Farm Manager

A farm manager is responsible for the financial and physical performance of the farm and as such will be highly skilled in all aspects of the farm business. In this role you will be responsible for implementing the short and long term business plans. You will be expected to drive the business and work with your Manager to ensure success. You will be required to optimize the farm.

Reporting Structure

Reporting To Operations Director

Job Description

• Interacting with other farm areas to be able to supply plants in adequate quantities and timeliness.
• Work closely with packing and quality management to produce the highest quality products.
• Inspect farm buildings and equipment, making sure routine maintenance is carried out.
• Manage farm operations: land preparation/nursery/planting upto harvest.
• Design and implement systems to efficiently manage labour and equipment.
• Managing farm employees, by adhering to employment regulations.
• Make sure land preparation is done to standard.
• Labour management.
• Manage a Large Farming Operation - 500 HA with 180 HA under pivot irrigation

Candidate Specification
2 years Experience

Agricultural or business related degree or / Diploma in Sustainable Agriculture

Created: May 15, 2019
Category: Agriculture, Forestry, Environmental
Expiry Date: May 29, 2019

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