General Manager Discipline


Position Title: General Manager Discipline
Responsible to: Executive Director
Supervises: Discipline Officers
Position Status: Permanent Full Time (40 hours a week)
Salary: Grade F(Salary packaging opportunities exist within job role).
Hours: Normal business hours but may be required to work beyond normal hours when the situation calls for that.
Based at: Health Service Board – Harare office

Job Purpose
Develop and implement strategies to ensure that the whole health services system has a harmonious industrial relations climate with low levels of mishandled disciplinary and grievances cases. Provide advice to the HSB and its operations on how to ensure high level of compliance with the relevant labour statutes. Gather, interpret and present industrial relations related statistics and how mitigating strategies can be implemented where problems are identified.


• Analyse and submit for the Board’s consideration all requests for appeals or reviewsfrom employees of the Health Service.
• Provide liaison and advisory services to Heads of Department in the Ministry of Health and Child Care and Health Service Board on issues relating to discipline and grievances.
• Assist Disciplinary Authorities and Heads of Department with the correct interpretation of the disciplinary and grievance procedures.
• Analyse and submit for the Board’s consideration reported cases of alleged misconduct or improper conduct by Senior Grade members in the Health Service.
• Analyse and submit for the Board’s consideration alleged misconduct involving junior and middle grade members, where the Boarddeclares itself the Disciplinary Authority.
• Identify and recommend members for appointment to Disciplinary Committees, Boards of Inquiry andto investigate cases, on behalf of the Health Service Board.
• Present papers and conduct training at workshops to capacitate Disciplinary Authorities and Human Resources Practitioners on discipline related matters.
• Draft Circulars and General Letters on matters relating to discipline or misconduct cases as directed by the Health Service Board.
• Recommend amendments or review of disciplinary procedures to the Health Service Board.
• Monitor the implementation of the Board’s decisions,on disciplinary matters, by the Disciplinary Authorities, Heads of Departmentor Office.
• Prepare monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and annual reports on disciplinary and grievance matters in the Ministry of Health and Child Care.

Qualifications,Experience and Competencies

• Education: A Masters in any of the Social Sciences disciplines or Human Resources or Commercial field.
• A bachelors’ degree in Human Resources Management or a Bachelors’ degree in either Social Sciences, Education, Arts, Development studies or Commercials plus a diploma in Human Resources Management;
• Experience: A minimum of five years’ working experience in the health service at a Senior level
• Communication Skills: Communication skills are a must have for this position, both in written and in verbal form. Communication skills will also be a necessity in enabling efficient and effective cross-functional/collaborative communications and the proper execution of discipline programs in departments across the Health Sector.
• Ms Office: A candidate for the position must be highly proficient in the use of Ms Word, Ms Excel, and PowerPoint.
• Analytical Skills: A candidate for this position must possess strong analytical skills as well as a demonstrated passion for research, data analysis, and the insights that are derived from it.

• Interpersonal Skills: A candidate for this position must have an ability to prioritize tasks, completing multiple tasks in a timely manner, be flexible and welcoming to change, have an ability to work independently with minimum or no supervision, and be self-motivated. He/She must also be a prompt decision maker, be a strategic and creative thinker, have excellent problem-solving skills, have a positive and easy-going attitude, demonstrate strong work ethic and integrity, and demonstrate calmness and composure in times of uncertainty.

• Leadership/People Skills: The candidate must additionally demonstrate strong leadership qualities where he/she shows an ability to influence a cross-functional team and top management into following a particular course of action. He/Shemust also be approachable, inspiring trust in others, which will make it easier for people to trust in his insights and follow in his directives in his leadership position.

Candidates who meet the requirements of the posts are invited to submit their applications accompanied by CVs and certified copies of certificates not later than 5 April 2019 to :
The Executive Director
Health Service Board Old Parirenyatwa Hospital
P.Bag A6104 Avondale,

Created: March 17, 2019
Category: Strategic, Business Management, Consultancy
Location: Harare
Expiry Date: April 5, 2019

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