Human Resources and Organizational Development Consultant

PUNGWE BREWERIES AND MARKETING (PVT)LTD HUMAN RESOURCES AND ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT Pungwe Breweries wishes to engage the services of a specialist Human Resources and Organizational Development Consultant to assist in the smooth running of the organization

The incumbent will be required to undertake the following;

1 Headhunt General Manager for Pungwe Breweries
2 Headhunt Company Secretary for Pungwe Breweries.
3 Conduct Human Resources skills audit.
4 Prepare a Human Resources Policy Manual.
5 Conduct Board Induction Leadership Training.
6 Develop Terms of Reference for the Board and Subcommittees
7 Develop specified policies for smooth running of the entity.
8. Develop a Board Charter and Code of Ethics
9 The Consultant must be suitably qualified with not less than 15 years experience in the Human Resources fraternity.
10. The Consultant most specify the time frames for project completion.
11.The consultant must specify the financial proposal and its validity period.
12 The Consultant most specify course structure for the training mandate
Submissions should reach the undersigned not later than the 5th of March 2019
Postal Address:
Pungwe Breweries & Marketing
21 Vumba Road

Created: February 14, 2019
Category: Human Resources, She, Teaching, Training
Expiry Date: March 5, 2019

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