Head Human Capital

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities
Drive the Human Capital strategy to support achievement of the business strategy

Define annual and long-term people plans for the country business plan aligned to product line or group corporate functions by interpreting group business line priorities. Work with executive teams in the business (Country) and Human Capital function to refine, interpret, refine and embed their strategic plans into tactical operational plans.
Proactively considering current and future business plans for expansion, market changes, process and system changes, review the organisation design of the area. Engage with business unit product line executives to look for opportunities to create better alignment between the operation structure of the country and the strategy of the product and business line.
Anticipate the people impact of process, operating model, technology or leadership changes. Develop detailed plans for the Human Capital team to manage the change effectively in the business. Act as trusted advisor to the senior decision makers on the change approach and the risks associated. Oversee the implementation of the change plans.
Review the business architecture in place in the business area in consultation with Group HC Centre of Expertise and HC Leadership to determine areas for improvement. Engage with internal or external resources to conduct detailed diagnostics on efficiency, skills or effectiveness. Analyse the results and advise business unit leaders on the adjustments that could be made.
Advise and guide business unit decision makers on people practices
For the country and business unit product lines individually, review the overall mix of grade levels, competency levels, resource types (perm and non-perm), cost of resources as well as skills levels. Benchmark against industry and international country norms. Identify areas for improvement and work with the executives in the business and Group to highlight where change may be needed. Programme manage the delivery of the change.
Partner with finance to ensure headcount and budget is accurate. Assist in compiling business cases where additional headcount is required due to business changes or transitioning of work with digitisation where appropriate.
Define a need for internal and external talent maps for recruitment or talent development purposes. Contract the development of the talent maps with internal talent or resourcing teams or make recommendations to outsource the mapping to third party providers within the Group.
Prepare line managers to represent the bank at regulatory enquiries, labour councils and board meetings. Participate in union negotiations for wages, engagement on working conditions, structural changes. Present employee relations measures and status update on trends with the business at the senior leadership country forums.
Participate in the selection of key business unit executives and senior positions by forming part of interview panels and providing a view on the culture fit of applicants.

Preferred Qualification and Experience

First Degree in Human Resources / Busness Commerce
Preferred Qualification: Post Graduate Studies in Human Resources or MBA


5-7 years experience in Human Capital Business Partnering
More than 7 years Broad experience and a deep understanding of human capital policies and processes and how these can enable business performance. A level of expertise in resourcing, reward management, employee relations, diversity management, and learning and talent management is a minimum expectation
3-4 years HC Experience in Financial Services Industry.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise
Business Acumen

The ability to analyse business financial performance as well as competitor and external factors as it would apply to the people practices in the organisation. The ability to analyse business specific language as well as business processes in order to support them effectively.

People Strategy Development

The ability to translate organisational goals into strategic people plans.

Organisational Awareness

Knows the Bank's context, vision and functions and how its political and social systems work. Is able to operate effectively in these systems.

Workforce Planning

Knowledge of the concepts, principles and practices related to determining workload projections of current and future competency gaps

HR Consulting

The ability to engage with leadership, managers and employees using a consultative and engaging approach while balancing the needs of the employee with that of the employer.

Talent Management

Knowledge and practical skills in the identification of talented individuals, assessment of potential, creation of development plans and developing retention and engagement activities for these individuals.

Labour Relations Procedures

Knowledge of labour relations legislative and regulatory framework and practices related to bargaining, negotiating and dispute resolution procedures, to enable administration and management of labour and procedural.


The ability to plan financial objectives in terms of cost and/ or revenue for the short, medium and long term.

Employee Relations

Understands and utilises tools and principles, including regulatory frameworks where they apply, to promote diversity in the workplace in terms of gender, race and background.

Created: February 13, 2019
Category: Human Resources, She, Teaching, Training
Expiry Date: Feb. 20, 2019

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