Executive Dean- MSU

Applications are invited from suitably qualified and experienced persons for the following post:

*NB: Midlands State University is an equal opportunities employer. In the interest of promoting gender parity, female candidates are encouraged to apply.



Please note that the duties and responsibilities of an Executive Dean are grouped into 5 main categories which are:
(a) Teaching – the incumbent is expected to teach or deliver lectures in accordance to the Department and or Faculty guidelines and standards.
(b) University Service – the incumbent should participate in all Department, Faculty and University activities such as attending meetings, training workshops, conferences and seminars, among others.
(c) Research – the incumbent is expected to engage in active research in his/her area of specialization which benefits both the students and the University
(d) Innovation –leading to tangible products and services
(e) Industrialisation- through commercialization of products.


• The Dean of the Faculty in this national University must have both the intellectual and professional adaptability and flexibility to be able to lead the Faculty to depart from traditional disciplinary boundaries and to administer teaching programmes and a fully semesterised and modularised system.
• The Dean must have earned a doctorate with considerable university teaching experience and publications in one of the following fields: Agronomy, Horticulture, Livestock and Wildlife Management, and Land and Water Resources Management.
• The successful candidate must demonstrate commitment to academic excellence through university teaching, research, community engagement, innovation and industrialisation.
• Have ability to communicate at all levels within and outside the University.
• Have good University administration experience either as Chairperson/Head of Department or Dean.
• Must be committed to Midlands State University teaching and learning methodologies based on work related learning and flexible packaging.


The Dean shall be responsible to the Vice Chancellor for:
• Providing academic and administrative leadership to the Faculty, in relation to strategic planning, budgeting and finance, allocation of resources and control in the specific areas of human resources, academic programmes, service delivery, departmental equipment and staff development.
• Leading the Faculty in achieving its objectives through the development and delivery of sound and innovative programmes, the promotions of excellence in teaching and research and in securing support for the Faculty through partnership and linkages with other Universities and organisations.
• Providing support to all University wide initiatives including giving strategic guidance to the University agricultural and wildlife related strategic business units (SBUS) and other commercial interests of the University.
• Developing collaboration and strategic partnerships with faculty alumni, institutions, corporations, foundations, associate/affiliate colleges and government agencies.
• To ensure adherence to the national legislation requirements, policies and procedures.
• To provide advice to the Vice Chancellor and the University on policy and other matters relating to the faculty.
• Marketing the Faculty undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and other non-degree programmes to the farming community, non-governmental organisations, industry and commerce, government agencies and the general public, nationally, regionally and internationally.
• To chair relevant University and Faculty committees.
• Undertaking fundraising to support teaching, academic programmes, new developments and research projects in the Faculty.
• Spearhead research activities in the Faculty.
• Establishing linkages and partnerships with industries, commerce, professional establishments and informal sector in order to support student internships, sandwich modules and work related learning.
• Contributing to the evolution and maintenance of a comprehensive and conducive learning environment at the University by facilitating research and technical assistance activities and partnerships with other faculties, public agencies, private companies, the farming community and participating in government supported agricultural initiatives.
• Engaging in outreach activities by involving the community, organizing short courses etc.
• Undertaking any other duties as and when required by the Vice Chancellor.


Applicants must submit six sets of applications, certified copies of certificates and transcripts and Curriculum Vitae giving full personal particulars including full name, place and date, qualifications, experience, present salary, date of availability, contact details, names and addresses of three referees addressed to:

The Registrar
Midlands State University
P Bag 9055

Closing date for applications is Thursday 10 January 2019

Created: December 29, 2018
Category: Strategic, Business Management, Consultancy
Expiry Date: Jan. 10, 2019

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