Business Development Manager : Local Company Local Company

Job Summary

Overall Duties and Responsibilities

To identity the organisation's business opportunities, market demands, gaps and short & midterm strategies, and generate insights to help inform; research & development of current and new services.

Duties and Responsibilities

Main Duties and Responsibilities
• Conducts research for new business idea to identify potential markets for new products.
• Develops business plans/proposals/cases for new business investments.
• Analyses viability of new business projects and recommend financing strategies.
• Conducts project evaluations to advise management as well as recommends way forward.
• Identifies, analyses and monitors industry trends with business strategy implications & recommends response strategies.
• Conducts market research and collate data to guide decision making by Executive Management.
• Analyses regional & international economic developments and trends and recommends response strategies.
• Reviews the organisation's Standard Operating procedures & recommends improvement.
• Reviews corporate performance quarterly within the context of the approved strategic plan.
• Analyses the organization's corporate plans to assist in the alignment of business activities with market conditions.
• Produces and presents reports and papers to the Board Committee & Main Board meetings on new business & related matters.

Qualifications and Experience

Qualifications & experience
• Bachelor's Degree Economics/ Statistics/Business studies
• Master's Degree in Strategic Management/ Businesses Administration is an added advantage.
• Minimum 1 year experience in a similar role.

How to Apply

Interested candidates to send CVs to Copy not later than 23 November 2020 @ 1200hours (afternoon)

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